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Pressure leaf filter-ideal equipment for vegetable oil industry

Feb. 23, 2019

Pressure leaf filter is one ideal equipment in the production of high quality vegetable oils. Compared with other filtration equipment, it has closed design, small covering area, longer life filtration elements(no need filter cloth or paper), less labor cost and automatical operation etc. advanatges.

Grace Separation machinery mainly supply all kinds of veritcal pressure leaf filter and horizontal pressure leaf filter. They can mainly used for below processes.

Typical filtration systems include: 

- Crude oil filtration

- Bleached oil filtration

- Winterized oil filtration 

Crude oil filtration

Filtration of the crude expelled oil is essential to remove the remaining solids (foots) that are still present after the press. Filtration with a vertical pressure leaf filter is recommended before it is sent for further downstream processing. Both hot and cold pressed oil is filtered with vertical pressure leaf filters.

Bleached oil filtration

Bleaching earth is used for the removal of colour, soap traces, gums and metals. Filtration is used to remove the bleaching earth. Because this is a continuous process two filters are used: one in operation and a second in cleaning/stand-by mode.Vertical pressure leaf filters are used for bleaching oil filtration. 

Winterized oil filtration 

The winterization process removes crystallized components (waxes) commonly associated with some oils like,sunflower, safflower, linseed, corn and cotton oil.  Horizontal pressure leaf filters are used in this process. The pressure leaf filters are pre-coated with filter aid. Filter aid is also added during the process as a body feed to extend filter life.

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