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What is separation machinery?

Jan. 29, 2019

What is separation machinery?

The separation operation of substances is an operation process in which substances of different physical and chemical properties in a mixture are separated according to different characteristics exhibited by particle size, phase, density, solubility, boiling point and the like. The mechanical device that performs the material separation operation is called a separation machine. Separation machinery is mainly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, petroleum, metallurgy, coal, dye, food, brewing, paper and environmental sectors.

Grace Separation Machinery mainly supply all kinds of separation machinery based on physical separation methods. These machinery mainly includes two kinds:Vibrating Separator and Filter Machine. Vibrating separator is used for separating powder or granules based on the particle size differences. The main structure is screen mesh and vibration source. Because of the vibration of vibrator, the powder or granules will pass the screen mesh or be intercepted. Users can choose different sizes screen mesh to realize various sieving purposes; Filter machine is mainly used for removing impurities or separate solid and liquid in suspension solution. Its function is realized by filter media, such as filter mesh, filter cloth, filter paper etc.. The filtrate will pass the filter media. At the same time, the solid in the suspension solution will be intercepted on the filter media.

Separation machinery is universal equipment in all kinds of industries. It bring high Purity purification and high grade products for many industries. Along with economy developing, separation machinery will become more intelligent and energy-saving and promote economy development.

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