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Semi-automatic wastewater treatment filter press
  • Semi-automatic wastewater treatment filter press
Semi-automatic wastewater treatment filter press Semi-automatic wastewater treatment filter press

Semi-automatic wastewater treatment filter press

The offered semi-automatic wastewater treatment filter press is widely used to remove water from liquid wastewater residuals.



Filter press equipment is a simple machine which separates the solid contained in a watery mixture from the water, in order to recover the water itself and reuse it in any production cycle. The Filter press equipment produces also dry cakes easy to be disposed. The simplicity of the machine guarantees high-efficiency and reliability.

Simple in operation, safe and labor saving, the whole filter press system are auto controlled by the electrical panel. All devices including feed pump, hydraulic power pack, plate shifting device, valves and conveyors are guided by the logic in PLC, and make them work more efficiently.

Other special filter press automatic functions also can be added such as filter cloth washing system, filtrate collecting system, filter cloth shaking system, drip tray system etc.

Semi-automatic wastewater treatment filter press

The Filtration Process:

How does the Filter press equipment carry out the filtration process? The feeding pump injects the slurry into the filter press from the feeding head. The chambers created by the plates are filled up with the slurry, the cloth (specifically developed for each material) and the high pressure dry the cakes, faster and better. The clean water is discharged into drainage gutters, ready to be reused, and the cakes can now be disposed of easily.

Semi-automatic wastewater treatment filter press

Technical Data:

ModelFilter area(m2)Plate size(mm)




Filter chamber volume(L)Number of filter plate(PCS)Pressure(Mpa)Weight (kg)Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)
XAMY/520-25U4520*520 25 4090.5-1.5 5601915*700*860
XAMY/520-25U6520*520 25 60140.5-1.5 6302145*700*860
XAMY/520-25U8520*520 25 80190.5-1.5 7002375*700*860
XAMY/520-25U12520*520 25 120290.5-1.5 8302835*700*860
XAMY/520-25U16520*520 25 160390.5-1.5 9803295*700*860
XAMY/520-25U18520*520 25 176440.5-1.5 11603525*700*860
XAMY/520-25U20520*520 25 200490.5-1.5 13603755*700*860
XAMY/700-25U30700*70025 380370.5-1.5 26603785*1100*1100
XAMY/700-25U40700*70025 500490.5-1.5 30804395*1100*1100
XAMY/800-30U40800*80030640390.5-1.5 23804210*1200*1160
XAMY/800-30U50800*80030800490.5-1.5 27004770*1200*1160
XAMY/800-30U60800*80030960590.5-1.5 30605330*1200*1160
XAMY/870-30U60870*87030920450.5-1.5 39804710*1300*1250
XAMY/870-30U70870*870301080530.5-1.5 45005200*1300*1250
XAMY/870-30U80870*870301200590.5-1.5 52005560*1300*1250
XAMY/1000-30U901000*1000301468520.5-1.5 40405525*1500*1350
XAMY/1000-30U1001000*1000301635580.5-1.5 43605890*1500*1350
XAMY/1000-30U1201000*1000301966700.5-1.5 49606620*1500*1350
XAMY/1250-30U1401250*1250302120520.5-1.5 72005940*1750*1600
XAMY/1250-30U1501250*1250302280560.5-1.5 75006200*1750*1600
XAMY/1250-30U1601250*1250302400590.5-1.5 77506400*1750*1600
XAMY/1250-30U1801250*1250302720670.5-1.5 85007230*1750*1600
XAMY/1250-30U2001250*1250303000740.5-1.5 90007690*1750*1600
XAMY/1250-30U2501250*1250303800930.5-1.5 105009015*1750*1600

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